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Helping to lead the push

for more sustainable approaches
that benefit people and our planet

Life Scientis

Providing toxicological
risk assessment for
Life Sciences products
with a specific expertise on
endocrine disruption & nanomaterials

Safe and afficient solutions

Building safe, efficient & eco-compatible solutions
for compound encapsulation & vectorization

Stimuler, booster, Valoriser telle est notre vocation

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Efficacy | Safety

LifeScientis offers two complementary services to ensure the safe and sustainable delivery of unique compounds from the Life Sciences industries (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, perfumes, agrochemicals, etc.).

LifeScientis Consulting: Technical & Strategic support through tailored toxicological risk assessment, endocrine disruption & nanotechnologies expertise and guidance regarding test guidelines to ensure the safety of your products.

LifeScientis Biotechnology: R&D innovative solutions for encapsulation and targeted delivery of compounds, using our expertise in soft & bio-inspired chemistry.


Toxicology Consulting

Working with clients from all sectors of Life Sciences, LifeScientis uses its expertise in toxicological risk assessment to assist your company in its formulation and encapsulation needs, while establishing guidelines and offering regulatory assistance regarding the safety of your products, for both people and the planet

R&D Biotechnology

World-class experience in biotechnology and thorough knowledge of the Life Sciences has given LifeScientis unrivaled expertise in soft chemistry and enabled our team to create eco-compatible and durable capsules. Our capsules can provide either a passive or targeted delivery of unique compounds, an environmentally-friendly solution for a broad range of products and use cases




“Our world demands that we find solutions for a future that is sustainable for the environment and safe and healthy for humanity. LifeScientis’ toxicological expertise drives our consulting service, guiding companies on the safety of their products’ molecular content and assisting them with regulatory procedures. Our toxicological know how and our overall experience in the biological sciences in turn, feeds our knowledge in nano/microtechnology allowing LifeScientis’ R&D activities to develop solutions that are both safe for our health and sustainable for the planet. LifeScientis is on the cutting edge of developing eco-compatible encapsulation solutions, always keeping in mind that our innovations come from people who are able to link humanity to technology.”

Franck Chuzel, LifeScientis CEO

Scientific Expert in Life Sciences for +20 years with partcipations :

on the OECD board to elaborate and validate Test Guidelines on Endocrine Disruptors

to H2020 European Workshops to address elements of the European Community strategy for Endocrine Disruptors

in the EU/U.S. transatlantic Cooperation in Human Health on opportunities for collaborative EU/U.S. research programs



"La part du colibri" | "The hummingbird share"

While our solutions can be as small as nanoparticles or microparticles, we are confident that our eco-compatible capsules can have a major impact on sustainability to ensure the health of humanity and environment

A passion for innovation and commitment to improving society are at the heart of LifeScientis. Our company believes in science for the good of all, and in open collaboration as the best way to discover creative solutions to the problems of today. We take pride in our excellence to find safe, biodegradable alternatives and eco-compatible solutions for the products of tomorrow


"Innovative And Sustainable Solutions For People, Products and our Planet"