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Improving Well-being & Health
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For Efficacy | For Safety

To resolve Safety and Efficacy issues, LifeScientis offers two complementary activities

LifeScientis Biotechnologies : R&D outsourcing or partnering for encapsulation and targeted delivery of compounds

LifeScientis Consulting: Support related to safety matters


R&D Biotechnologies

Our expertise in the field of biotechnologies, based on a soft chemistry, enables us to set up eco-compatible and durable cargos enabling a passive or targeted delivery of your compounds


Toxicology Consulting

Our expertise in toxicology, specifically in endocrine disruption and nanotechnologies, enables us to establish guidelines to ensure the safety of use of your molecules & devices



"Innovation and partnership are part of our DNA to push our know-how to the latest knowledge and tackle global societal challenges more effectively. Our value creation comes from our will to improve well-being & health with safe, efficient & eco-compatible solutions that preserve the quality of our environmentOur innovations come from people who are able to link humanity to technology and who can flourish intersection with different sciences."  Franck Chuzel, CEO



"La part du colibri" | "The hummingbird share"

Taking our part in caring for health, well-being & environment

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"Placing People and Environment at the Heart of our concerns"