Stimuler, booster, Valoriser telle est notre vocation

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Our expertise in biotechnologies, based on a soft chemistry, enables us to develop and formulate new eco-compatible and durable cargos.

We operate services in the formulation of active pharmaceuticals agents or ingredients in the fields of encapsulation & delivery either passive or targeted. 

We also provide characterization of your formulations and colloidal technologies and propose products related to our nanocargos. 

Our activity is based on proprietary projects & patents but also on partnerships with public research institutes and industries. These collaborations allow us to offer a reactive and high-technological environment to our clients.



Our proprietary cargos are :

  • Safe
    • Fully biocompatible and non-toxic in living tissues
    Freely dispersed in tissue fluids
    • Fully biodegradable by dissolution
    • Recognized as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) materials

  • Adaptable to various types of compounds and dosage forms
    • Small molecules, biomolecules and cocktails of compounds (aromas for example)
    Highly water-soluble and poorly water-soluble agents
    Various dosage forms - solid, microparticles, nanoparticles, gels ...
    • Adjustable dissolution rate - from days to several months
    • Adjustable size - from nanoparticles to microparticles 


R&D outsourcing

We achieve the best compromise between your compound of choice and its delivery system

Encapsulation • Vectorization • Solubilization • Functionalization • Passive Release • Active Release • Delivery • Targeting • Drug discovery

R&D Project Management support

We assist you in your delivery strategy

Research & Discovery Support • Project Management • Development Team Support / Leadership • Expert Report Preparation • Manuscript Preparation • Scientific Literature Reviews • Due-diligence Reviews • Academic Liaison



Our cargos are adaptable to your compound enabling you to make the most of it