Stimuler, booster, Valoriser telle est notre vocation

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Placing People and Environment at the heart of our concerns

Our assumed objectives are to take our part in developing sustainable solutions to improve well-being & health of users. People are therefore central in our value creation.

On the one hand, our eco-compatible and adaptable cargos (nano or micro) ensure a safe and efficient delivery or targeting of your compounds of choice.

On the other hand, our support in nanosafety & endocrine disruption toxicological issues enables you to define and implement your safety strategy.



Our team gathers experts in the fields of Biology, Nanochemistry, Nanobiotechnology, Endocrine disruption, Nanosafety, Soft chemistry, Oncology, Immunology & Toxicology.

The experience we acquired in academic research laboratories as well as in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals & cosmetics industries in various departments such as Research, Discovery or Business Development units enables us to address Safety and Efficacy issues broadly in the Life Sciences sector.



LifeScientis works with academic and industrial partners to create innovative products & services.
These long-term collaborations enable us to offer our clients state-of-the-art and sustainable solutions.



LifeScientis is a privileged partner of pharmacy, veterinary, cosmetic, perfume, agricultural chemistry, biotechnology and food industries.

Our thorough knowledge related to research, pre-development and development processes enables us to support all the value chain of these industries.